Friday, January 29, 2010

Advertising, a work of art.

This advertisement was done by DDB advertising agency.  It is art which creatively uses technology and a mp3 player to advertise for sausages.  It represents how the sausage is so good that it brings music to his ears.  At first one may think that it is an advertisement for something else but as you analyze it you see it's the sausage that brings the most harmonious tune.

This advertisement was done by DDB advertising agency.  When one first looks at it they are in awe of natural beauty.  It in no way shows or hints that a car is what they are advertising.  As one looks at the bottom they see that it is actually an advertisement of the Volkswagen new beetle cabriolet.  It just simply shows that this car is a new, rare, natural beauty.  Without many words, it shows off this new masterpiece.

This advertising was done by Martin Williams.  It creatively uses a receipt of a purchase, something we see every day and don't think much about to show that in life some things really are not for sale such as this young girls body.  It is an advertisement to bring awareness that people are abducted and used everyday.  This advertisement is art in the fact that it uses something so simple to bring up a very serious issue. 


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