Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Mystical character? Who ever thought of a dragon? Was it once real? Often told to us in stories as a kid, many of us grow up believing in some mystical object. We relate ourselves to this animal and believe them to be our saviors if we were ever in danger. After all in a lot of Disney movies, isn't that what they do? They are protector of the good guy. Or they do the opposite and the hero slays the dragon so it can't cause any harm. Does this portray a different message to children. Sometime they slay the dragon because they know something that they don't want the rest of the town knowing. Are we teaching children at a young age, "keep your friends close. keep your enemies closer?" From early on, mystified characters such as this teach us lessons we don't recognize until we are older. We either wish we had one, or we wish we could slay one. So when do you know to slay the dragon or make it your savior? Is the dragon inherently either evil or bad, or is the way you perceive it and then make your judgements about it. In life, are certain situations inherently bad, or is the way we make judgements about it. Is i the way we perceive them? I believe these movies teach us from a young age, its half what happens to us and its half how we react. We all can perceive a dragon as a good guy or a bad guy. The choice is up to you.

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