Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Take a look around SMU's campus, those darn Purell dispensers are EVERYWHERE! In the gym? Understandable. In the cafeteria or anywhere food is served? Understandable. But have you ever noticed how many are in the library? I understand a few here and there, but they are everywhere! Nowadays everyone is concerned about their health, but the amount in Fondren is ridiculous. Do we really need that many? This was my thought process until these past few weeks. With my endless nights in here and more and more people showing up to do their last minute cramming I am noticing a rise in colds. I feel like everyone is getting sick. Between the changing weather, the stress, the sleepless nights, everyone is coming down with some sort of sickness. I kind of even wish they had more dispensers. Which brings me to another point. Isn't it ironic that we overstress ourselves to the point where we become ill in times where we need our full focus and undivided attention? I find it so fascinating how our body works. Under stress we can study better,or at least cram more information than we ever thought possible, but physically make ourselves sick. How does our body work like this? Fondren should post some health tips and over emphasize the use of the Purell dispensers during finals.

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