Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Girl! Yep, take a look around my room, everything is pink! Why am I so obsessed with a color? Everything I own is either pink or rhinestoned. Why? The rhinestone aspect I believe is my true dancer inside of me. But how can one person become so obsessed with a color? It's like an addiction, I don't care what other shades it comes in, I am getting whatever it is in pink damn-it. And if it doesn't come in pink I'll get it in neon or anything animal print. This is my thought process. Typical girl response. So how did I get so girlified. I fit the stereotype of a female dancer. 16 years of dance I guess will do that to you. But will that forever be ingrained in me? Can you change an obsession? People become so obsessed with certain things its scary. Is it a sense of security that pink will never let me down? Or is it because I truly like pink. When you are a kid in elementary school you favorite color is a huge part of who you are. God forbid you say a funny color and other kids judge you. But now as adults, we still have our favorites. Is this due to comfortableness or do we truly get drawn to this color every-time. I believe as we get older we feel comfortable with this set of standards we set for ourselves. If its worked in the past. why change it? Why change what hasn't been broken? Our favorite color is just the same, why change it if it hasn't let us down yet.

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