Saturday, April 3, 2010

What would you do if you were a lamppost?

What would a lamppost think if they could think? Think about how many things lampposts see. Whether its the beautiful sunny day and they are in their "sleep" mode, resting, taking in the rays or a rainy, muggy day when no one is out. Whatever they do during the day, what would they think when the light turns on... literally. Would they have ethics and morals? Could they judge the robber that just ran past them or sigh in awe and flicker their light when a future fiance proposes to his soon to be wife. Would they shine brighter if someone was in distress? What would a lamppost think. Give any object feelings. No we are not in a literacy class we do not need to go into literature terms. I think a lamppost would be an excellent source of information if it could communicate. It's like your perfect friend. You would always know where it is, it never tries to hide, always reliable at night, could help the lights turn on in a difficult situation. A lamppost would be the perfect friend.

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