Sunday, March 28, 2010

Males vs Females

Take a walk down the boulevard or actually anywhere. Spring is approaching and animals are coming out. If you take a look around, the males are typically substantially more pretty and filled with more colorful feathers and appealing features. Why is this? Typically, when we think of beauty in the human race we think of women as the beauty icons. The only conclusion I have come up with is that in nature males need to attract their mating partner to continue their lineage. Women are the ones who need to be selective in picking their mate. They have control over who they want to mate with when they are in heat. Does that translate to us humans that since women are typically looked upon as the more beautiful that men have more power. Is this why in society men typically are the "powerful" ones. But in nature ducks to exploit the women and flaunt them. So why do we exploit our women in society? Is it to give them the lacking power? Women in our society feel the need to make up for lacking power through their beauty and bodies. It is a fact of our human nature. When did this need start? When did plastic surgery become a socially acceptable thing? Humans will always strive to be the best and when you can't be the best, exploit ourselves. Maybe we should reverse roles in society. Maybe women should have power for day and men should exploit themselves like in nature. With role reversal, even for a day, radical changes can occur. Gender roles are societal based and are created in which cultural context they are placed. It is not nature for women to the the prettier ones and men to be the ones seeking female. It is society's perception of gender roles.

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