Monday, March 15, 2010

Campus Gossip Sites

Websites I will never go on. Of course last year we had the wonderful and now apparently there is a new one, I believe Someone please tell me the point in these websites. Why are these websites even created? The only people that go on them and say things are the ones who actually care and have time to dedicate to the BS. Are young adults that insecure in today's society that they feel the need to go online and bash others? Our society needs a reform. A website that shows good deeds people do. But would this be a hit? Would others post wonderful things about others. And by wonderful things, I do not mean "they are hot," but things like "Congrats to ____ on their new internship!" Would someone really take time out of their day to do this? Most people would probably say no. So why in society do we only concentrate on the negatives. These negative feedbacks and feelings of having to hurt others to try to sound cool only hurt us in the long run. Young adults are programmed to try to succeed socially and in other ways by stepping on others to get there. So why should we expect our elders to act any differently? Why do we think others are going to act more ethically? And why do people who in their own profession, even as a student, expect the advertising industry to be any better? Of course many strive to strengthen the morals, but is it completely shocking that an industry plays on certain stereotypes and expectations of society to further their clients sales? If we want reform all around the world, we must start with the youth. We must shut down such bashful, unnecessary sites and teach morality.

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