Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jimmy Johns

Everyone's go-to late night food! Jimmy Johns: "freaky fast." If you asked the one on hillcrest how many late night runs they make to SMU student, I think it would be safe to say at least 90 percent of their sales. So what makes them so good? Is it the quality of the sandwich? Or is it the quickness of the delivery? or is it simply the convenience of the late time? I would say a combination of all. Who wants to go get food at 3 am and stop what they are doing. I, embarassingly admit, Jimmy Johns is even in my favorites. I call them at least once a week. My question is, if Jimmy Johns is doing so well, why don't they have any competitors around here? Of course it may be inconvenient for employees to stay up until 3 am, but lets be honest, I am sure there are tons of college students who wouldn't mind and they would work for them. So where are the competitors? Betty's Best Chinese delivers, but with spring break, who is ordering chinese? or Greenville Pizza, they are delicious, but same thing. There needs to be a healthier option to deliver. Which brings me to my next question, why doesn't any healthy food deliver? I am sure girls all around college campus' would love to be lazy and healthy. Oxymoron? Yes. Smart? Yes. So please, lets get some healthy food delivery pronto!

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