Sunday, February 28, 2010



Victory was once celebrated in Fraternities and Sororities as a celebration. So how did it turn into this huge event that incorporates a formal dance and buses and the whole enchilada? In my opinion formals have become way overblown. For a dance that starts at 10:30, girl start getting ready by 5 to be at a pre-party by 6:30 for dinner at 8 which you still end up being late to the buses which you maybe, if you are lucky, get there by 11. Formals , in my opinion, have become ridiculous. Who made what shoes you wear a huge ordeal? And then after the dance, you continue until 3 in the morning. So how did this celebration turn into a 11 hour ordeal? Society has. I believe that it sad how society has the impact to turn a little celebration into a huge 11 hour event. Society, today has become a huge influence in how we celebrate every little event.

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