Friday, February 5, 2010

Losing my iPhone

One night I went out and lost my iPhone. I refused to think that someone had stolen it because the only places I had gone that night were SMU affiliated places. I waited an entire week and a half before getting a new one. To lose your cell phone, at first, was the end of the world. I had no communication except of course facebook with my friends. I got to thinking what did people do before cell phones? How did they meet up with other people and find them in public places? I was at first very frantic. How did I tell my parent I lost/broke my 3rd iPhone in a year? Then I debated changing to a blackberry which has insurance and would be a lot cheaper in the future. But a phone without my iPod and all my apps? No way. How do people get so addicted to their phones? I am literally ADDICTED to my iPhone and cannot change. I at first didn't like not having a phone but then after not having it for a week... it was actually quite liberating. No teenager would ever think losing your phone would be a plus. But then I actually enjoyed not having one. I went from frantic to relieved. But of course once I got my iPhone again... the addiction instantly came back.

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