Saturday, February 27, 2010


one word: ADDICTION! At the moment, my is deactivated. Yeah I said it, deactivated. Say that to any college student, they will think you are crazy. So what is even the big deal? So you can essentially stalk people? So you can show the world your life and everything you do? You want to say no its for networking, but yeah that is precisely it. Even if I promise myself not to go on it, I get emails on my iPhone saying I have new notifications, and well if you have new notifications you have to check it right? Yeah, that is an addiction. Solution: DEACTIVATION! Facebook has become such an imperative part of a young adults life that they cannot go more than 24 hours without checking it. Do I have tagged photos, oh please tell me someone wrote on my wall. What did we do before this? Myspace. Duh. Remember that? And what did we do before that? AIM! Well what about in our parents time? Oh God, lets not even think about that. They must have been antisocial right? Facebook of our time is essential to know when parties are happening, what people are doing, how your friends are doing from back home. You can literally do almost anything, leave videos, chat, message, and even make events. It is a life saviour when you lose your cellphone like me. Facebook is life. That is the conclusion. But I wonder if there is a correlation with test grades going down? I can tell you half the people in the library right now, have facebook up in some tab of their computer, and are checking it regularly which is essentially distracting them. Solution again: DEACTIVATION!

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