Thursday, February 4, 2010

Whataburger vs. In N Out

When I got to Texas, everyone from Texas argued the Whataburger was the best place to get a fast food burger. Late one night, I reluctantly tried it. In NO way does it even come close to comparing to In N Out. In N Out, hands down, is the best burger. The special sauce that goes on it just makes it incomparible. I am not just being a snobby Californian thinking CA is the best in everything. But really, our burgers are the best. I got to thinking it can't just be the sauce that makes it that much better. I then realized, that maybe half of what makes In N Out is the actual burger and half of it is childhood memories and all the memories that go on there. Just walking into my home In N Out has a sense of security and wonderful memories. The sauce is great, but In N Out privately/family owned business makes it feel like your at home with a BBQ. Every In N Out even ones I haven't gone to all have a home feeling.

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