Thursday, February 4, 2010

Convertible Beetle

Yes, I admit I drive a light blue convertible beetle. I am from Newport and my car over there is very practical. I can park anywhere at the beach, my car fits a lot of places no other cars could even think about fitting. The convertible portion is so nice all year round and I can be cruising PCH with my friends mid january having the greatest time of my life. But lets get real, after coming to Dallas I think to myself why do I even own this car? It is so impractical in the "real world." It fits almost no one, I can never put my top down here. Its either too cold or too humid. When it snowed I almost had a heart attack trying to drive it. So why do people in Texas even buy these cars? Why is there an advertisement for one on the way to DFW? I got to thinking that maybe its just the way someone feels driving one. Then I got to the root of it. People from here don't think 50 is freezing in winter, they dont think 90 is like 10,000 degrees, humidity does not affect them as much because they have grown up in it. I come here in August to start school every year thinking it is worse than the year before and start complaining, when in reality I jut hadn't been here all summer and am not used to it. So yes, people here do own convertibles and they enjoy them just as much as I do.

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