Friday, February 26, 2010


Stressful. Anxiety. Late nights. All words that come to mind. Spring break right around the corner, everyone is anxious to get out. However, before we can leave, midterms must take place. Being tested on everything we have learned from the first day of class? Scary. It is funny to watch girl dieting and getting their spring break bodies in shape and then binge eat in the library at 3 am stressed out of their minds.... I believe midterms and finals are stressful times where collaboratively the entire library is thinking oh shit what is going to be on this exam. What I find even more interesting are the midterms the week after spring break and the teachers who believe students will spend the entire spring BREAK studying. Yes, I understand you must study at some points, but isn't it a break for a reason? I thought it was. I find it very stressful to worry about exams the week after. Midterms are a funny thing that must be done but are very stressful and unhealthy. Between the unhealthy eating and the late nights which makes everyone sick which turns into misery between just the thought of freedom and break into studying for my midterms when we get back? It is a funny phenomenon that amuses me to think about.

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