Saturday, February 13, 2010

People Watching

While visiting Boston University I came across a club literally called "the people watching club." I was so intrigued that the university allowed such a creative club. One may think what is involved in such a club. Well, I found out that it is exactly as it sounds. They get together once a week, pick a new location and people watch. I decided to try this with my friends when I got home. I learned that you can actually learn a lot about people just by watching them. You can tell if they are having a good or bad day just by looking at their posture and facial expressions. People on the phone, are even more entertaining to watch and look at their expression and reactions to someone on the other side of the phone that you cannot see. Peoples clothes can tell a lot about them too. From this, I learned that people watching can quickly lead to judging which made me think if this club was beneficial and entertaining or just plain superficial. I guess it depends on who is doing the people watching and what they are learning from it. I want to go back and ask them if they just simply watch or if they have discussions about it and talk about how to judgmental thoughts can be turned into positive thoughts. I learned ones simple harmless hobby can actually be causing harm and hurtful thoughts in their head.

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