Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Red Bull

My late night/cramming addiction. Some people take Aderall to stay up and study hard, some people chug coffee, but all I need is my Red Bull. It gets me through the night. Before coming to Fondren Library at night I always go to 7/11 to stack up on snacks and Red Bull. The caffeine gives me an adrenaline that is irreplaceable. Then as I was sitting here thinking, I must be immuned to it. Or even if I am not it can't give me this huge rush of energy that I make it hyped up to be. I think its the mentality that one night I took it and got a 98 percent on my final. I think Red Bull is half the energy and half the mentality I have towards it. I had one great experience with it and now I am addicted to it. Red Bull, it gives you wings!

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