Friday, February 12, 2010




Two California girls driving to starbucks in the snow scared. It was a new adventure for me to figure out how to wipe snow off my car and drive. However, as I was driving I thought what exactly is snow? How is it formed? Obviously it happens when water freezes below 32 degree Fahrenheit but what makes it different from freezing rain and ice? Of course, I then went home and googled it to find out that it is made up of tiny parts of ice and ice balls are formed if it melts and refreezes. Still to this day, I am not exactly sure I 100 percent understand exactly what goes on but I definitely learned something new. This made me realize that moving out of California has definitely been a learning experience and I am learning a lot of things I didn't know. Dallas has been a learning journey and I am excited to see what else I encounter and what other journeys I embark on.

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