Thursday, February 18, 2010


The rise of nationalism. It is funny how one day we are walking around the street, traveling abroad, going about our day normally, then all of a sudden we are super Americans. We are decked out in Red, White and Blue and anyone from another country is a loser for the next 2 weeks. The olympics cause a huge deal of excitement. All of a sudden everyone is a pro on snowboarding, or skiing, or figure skating and everyone knows better than the referees bad call. A competition meant to test for the best turns into every average American being pros at every sport. People who never even have seen a game of hockey start chucking things at the TV screen because they "know" better than the referee. Everyone has huge American flags flying and are decked out in Red, White, and Blue. The olympics change a nation for an entire 2 weeks. I beleive that it is funny but good for a nation. Every 2 years, whether it be summer or winter olympics, for a nation to come together and rejoice in pride. Especially coming from a country who is clearly athletic and does well, it is a great feeling in even hearing our national anthem on the podium. I believe the olympics do a nation well.

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