Sunday, March 21, 2010


A debate that has gone on for many years, do we all see the same colors, or do we see different ones and perceive them as the same color? Is my purple your orange? Is that why we all have different favorite colors but in reality we may all be attracted to the same spectrum of light? Questions that will never be answered. Do dogs truly not see any color? How much do dogs understand? How do we answer these questions. Sure science has brought us far and we understand much more about life with scientific advances, but will we ever know everything? These questions are questions people ask themselves everyday. How do we cope with these questions? Can one be content with not knowing everything? This is when one must just accept theories. One must use their own judgement to believe what they want. It hard to accept that there are some things you will never understand. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. But on the other hand, when one accepts this notion, they have to accept that their speeding ticket happened for a reason, that anything that may have hindered their daily lives happened for a reason. They have to believe that bad is not a word in their vocabulary because if it was bad then it shouldn't have happened which would contradict their motto "everything happens for a reason." Our mind is a map that will forever question the unknown. Which brings me to this point of does our mind control us, or do we control our mind and control what we believe? One simple question about color makes us wonder a million other things. Taken many psychology classes, it is difficult to study when there is no certainty to half the things you learn . Sure many things are proven with case studies, but is that sufficient? Our mind can ask questions for hours on end. So how do we stop? Do we ever stop? Our mind never stops running. Find time in your day to stop and truly think about things. Everyone needs a time in the day to just take a deep breath. No matter how many things you have to do, how many questions you have, everyone needs time to chill for a second. This is what empowers us to do our best. No matter what you believe or however you answer any of these questions, one truth remains, you know yourself better than anyone else. So as I see everyone stressing over things they cannot change, I encourage them to take a break and breathe. So often we get tangled up in frivolous questions that will not further nor hinder our lives that we forget what is important. Only you know these answers, and whatever you believe, believe with all your heart.

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