Wednesday, March 24, 2010


What is there job? Technically they are paid to drive you to where you need to go.
At 2 AM when bars close and they are driving people home, where does their job end? Do they have to drive them wherever they want or stop or drive them through Taco Bell? Do they have to take credit cards? Do they have to drive you to an ATM to get cash to pay them? These fine lines of what they have to do/ what they ought to do is usually up to the driver. Taxi's to college students is usually an essential that they rely on for safety. They walk out of a bar and into a cab hoping to get home safely. After two years of being here, you begin to form relationships with cab drivers. I now have 2 taxi driver's that I now consider my second parents. Is it in their job description to keep us safe and look out of us? Absolutely not. So when does someone just doing their job go above and beyond and turn their job description into something much bigger. They don't have to look out for us or protect us, but these certain two do. They truly care about the safety of the kids at SMU and would be anywhere in Dallas to pick them up at anytime, no questions asked. Why is it so shocking that when a cab driver takes the initiative to really get to know their clients and go above and beyond? Shouldn't everyone do this? Shouldn't it be the opposite? Everyone should try to go above and beyond but many just settle with the bare minimum and just perform their job. No matter what industry or profession you are in, one should always try to go above and beyond. It makes it not only a more enjoyable to the client, but also for you. They could easily be like any other cab driver and drive and get paid, but they really take the time to get to know you, ask how your day is, wait for you if you need to pick something up. One can go through life living the bare minimum or one can go through enjoying every little thing they do. As society we should all care for each other and look out for everyones best interest. It makes life a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

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